Bumblebee Identification Training Tool

Welcome to our bumblebee training tool. To access the tool please use your BeeWatch log in details. If you have forgotten your account details please get in touch.

You will see a series of bumblebee photos that you can identify using our on-line identification guide. Short instructions are given throughout; the website is best viewed in 'full screen view'.

You can do as many photos as you wish and come back to it at any time. There are 50 photos in total. You will get instant feedback for each identification.

We hope it helps increase your confidence in identifying the bumblebees you are seeing.

If you have any feedback about the training tool please let us know.

Thank you for participating!

The University of Aberdeen's dot.rural Bumblebee team:
Chris Mellish, Anne-Marie Robinson, Nirwan Sharma, Advaith Siddharthan & Rene van der Wal